In the vast space of the Internet, websites are one of the most powerful resources for information and advertisement. The more attractive a website is, the more users it can attract. AJAF Marketing Incorporation can create the finest websites and make them accessible to the public. This list includes a wide range of websites in different formats and styles. Websites are designed to best meet the needs of the customers, and this design is such that it will attract users to it.

Services Design and Build Site

Creative Design

The appearance of a website should be such that people continue to be attracted to it and visit it more frequently. With its innovative website templates, the company makes the site look good. AJAF Marketing specialties and expertise include design creativity, and this company has produced many innovative places for businesses and individuals. AJAF Marketing teams creates creative and up-todate sites that attracts others to the best of its abilities.

Reasonable Price

True, AJAF Marketing is excellent at designing websites and ensuring their security, but the cost of these services is not prohibitively high, making them very accessible and easy. At a fair rate, individuals and businesses may provide a wonderful, safe, and creatively built websites. The company’s offerings are reasonably priced, and the job is of high quality. Be sure to use the services of AJAF Marketing in this field and have a great website for yourself at a reasonable price.

High Security

The protection of a website is one of the company’s most valuable features. AJAF Marketing will ensure that your website is safe, preventing hackers and data pirates from infiltrating it to steal data. The trustworthiness of a website increases, and as the result, traffic increases. The company will not only develop the website, but will also ensure that it is safe, and the site owners can have a peaceful day in this regard. Without enough security, a website is always prone to danger.

Precise Timing

In terms of pacing, the company is excellent. Firstly, it will launch your website on time, and secondly, if it operates the website, it will have accurate post creation scheduling. When it comes to content creation and SEO, timing is crucial, and content should be posted on the website in a manner that boosts its rating and traffic. The experts at AJAF Marketing will do their best.

Management and Support

The problem of maintenance and service occurs when the website is designed. With its experience and skills, AJAF Marketing can effectively run and help the website. It will oversee content creation as well as provide technical assistance for the website's speed and security. All these services are provided at a reasonable price and people will benefit from excellent services at an affordable cost. Your website will be professionally managed by this company and will move forward.

Website Optimization

Your website will be well optimized by AJAF Marketing. This corporation will boost the website's SEO and make it more accessible in search engines, resulting in more visitors. The company’s experts will apply the required techniques on your website to make your content available and boost its ranking in Google or other search engines. By doing this, your website popularity will grow, and you will be closer to your desired results.

Website design services Richmond Hill

Nowadays, with the change of many traditional businesses towards internet businesses, the market of activities such as website design services has become very prosperous. But questions such as how to design a website and its design steps. How to start it, as well as the conditions of web design and the number of its costs are among the things that should be considered. In this article, while answering the above questions, we will examine the concept of website design, its history, design stages, and also the average cost of website design Richmond Hill

The history of website design Richmond Hill

Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web, made his name as the first web developer in history by launching the first website in 1991. On the first website, hypertext and communication were used to send an email. In this simple text site, no graphics, images, or even coloring are used and it is still available.

What are the Website design services Richmond Hill?

Website design services Richmond Hill are called the stages of designing and building an internet site to inform, introduce the company and present its products. Website design is a process that consists of web page layering, content creation, graphic designing, and compliance with SEO principles. Before reviewing the steps of website design, let’s take a brief look at its design history.

Website design Richmond Hill steps

As mentioned, website design means de signing, building, and launching a website or optimizing an old website on the Internet. Web Design consists of 4 main steps, each of them described below.


Step 1: Wireframe design


First, we design an overview of the site according to the type of site and the customer’s needs. This view includes a general map of the site’s pages and determining the location and arrangement of various elements. This stage of website design is called “wireframe design”.

Step 2: Website graphic design

After determining the placement of site elements, we need to design the site. At this step, the site is designed according to the type of internet business and uses special software for coloring and graphics.


Step 3: Coding and programming

According to the designed site and the customer’s needs, at this step, different methods can be used to manage the site. Content management systems such as WordPress or designing a dedicated programming framework. Decisions in this section are made based on costs and customer needs.

Step 4: Setting up the site

After completing the previous 3 steps, we will launch the site on the global Internet platform. At this stage, after preparing a “host” and “proper domain name”, we configure the site and make it available to the public.


What are the duties of a site designer?

The duties of a site designer depend on which part of the site. He/she is responsible for designing and building. To set up a professional site, two teams or two people are needed. A team to design the shape and appearance of the site (Frontend) and a team to design server codes and codes that are not visible to users (Backend).


Types of website design Richmond Hill

In the previous part, we got acquainted with the concept of Frontend and Backend of the site. Now we will examine the types of website design.

Sites are divided into two general categories: Static Websites and Dynamic Websites.

Static sites: Only the Frontend part is done, that is, the contents of the site are collected only once and each of the pages of the site is designed and loaded separately. In these sites, any changes must be made by the site’s designer and expert. This model is usually used to design introductory websites (the content of it does not change for a long time).

Dynamic site: In the design of these sites, both Frontend and Backend parts are programmed. Dynamic sites require constant content changes and are designed and developed according to the use of the site. In dynamic sites, the Backend programmer is responsible for making the website dynamic and must design a script that makes the site fully dynamic.

How to start designing a website?

The most important factor in becoming a professional web designer is learning basic concepts and then gaining experience. The best reference in the field of learning web design can be project-based training in the field of website design. By doing various projects during training, you can gain initial experience in the field of developing and online a site.


The cost of website design services Richmond Hill

So far, we have learned about the concept of website design and its steps. But the correct and principled start of any activity requires spending money. In this section, we will examine the cost of website design services, so you can estimate the approximate costs of web design.

You have to pay for the design and construction of the site. In this section, we examine how to estimate and calculate the cost of website design Richmond Hill.

To estimate the cost of website design, you must first answer these questions:

-What facilities do you have in mind for your site?

-What is the use of the site for your business?

-Do you need a custom skin?

-In addition to the site management panel, do you want to have a user account management panel?


By accurately and completely answering the questions, you can predict the cost of website design to some extent. Many factors affect the cost of your website design. These include:

The domain is the address of your site, which can be registered with different extensions such as com, ir, and co. The cost of these domains is different from each other. So the first thing we should pay attention to is the domain name. The site address is leased on an annual or five-year basis and is yours as long as you pay the rent. If you refuse to pay the rent, the site domain is released and another applicant can own it.


Also, we all know that content production is very important in the success of a website. A site without new, attractive, and SEO content cannot get a good ranking from Google. The pricing in this section is different according to the ability and experience of the content production expert. Keep in mind that the internal SEO of the site can include different costs depending on the type of format, programming language, volume, and type of content.